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Privacy Policy

Use of this site does not require you to give us any personal information. However, in the course of using the site you may disclose two types of information:

  1. Personal information you knowingly disclose while using various tools (e.g., Share this Website, or Find Clinical Trials)
  2. Website activity use information collected by us as you navigate the site.

Any personal information you provide is discarded immediately after use. For example, if you send an email message to family and friends using the “Tell Family & Friends” tool, we will not keep a record of the sender email address, the destination email address(es), or the contents of the message itself.

All website activity data is recorded anonymously. We cannot track site activity to a specific individual. We record this information for the purpose of understanding how our content is being used in order to modify and adapt the site and better serve our users. We may store certain information about your usage in your browser (via cookies). This helps us count how often you visit the site and how long you stay on. Again, this type of information is very important to measure how successful the site is with users like you.

Any feedback that you provide via the 'feedback form' or 'contact page' will not be shared with anyone outside of the Oncology Interactive team.